When a lady in Bali came across a stray dog who would eventually be called Delilah, she was outraged by the way she was treated. She was in such bad shape. After suffering from severe mange for many weeks, her fur had begun to come off and her skin was covered in lesions. Amazingly, though, the pup continued to approach the lady with enthusiasm. Her tail even waggled wildly in excitement.

Fortunately, the lady, who went by the name of Charlotte, was a seasoned rescuer. She was positive that this ailing street dog had previously been adored by people before he became ill. Either that, or she was yearning for love to the point of obsession.

Charlotte was baffled as to what had happened to Delilah, but she recognized that she deserved a second opportunity in life. Charlotte realized she didn’t have any materials with her and realized she needed to obtain them from home. Delilah, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen when she returned.

Now that Charlotte was armed with all of the rescue gear she would need, the journey to seek down Delilah could officially begin. She had been looking for her for many days without finding her. Then she met a local guy who worked at the local market, and they became friends. The guy said that he was aware of Delilah’s whereabouts throughout the night.

They devised a strategy to achieve their goals. Because the dog had been accustomed to the local guy, Charlotte provided him with a customized cage in which to capture Delilah. Delilah had made it securely inside by the following day! Inside the cage, the joyful, cheery dog seemed to be in a state of despair. She was completely oblivious to what was going on. But, fortunately, she was unharmed!

Delilah’s new human companions were now in charge of keeping her safe. It was time to place her in their care and have her assessed by a medical professional. Delilah seemed to calm down after she arrived at the veterinarian’s office. The local guy was overjoyed that Delilah was safe and proceeded to express his thanks in subsequent messages. Delilah, on the other hand, has resumed wagging her tail! This was especially true when she had her first meal.

The veterinarian prescribed a course of medication for the joyful pup’s mange. Her fur had grown back in only a few weeks, and she was no longer in discomfort. What happened was nothing short of a miracle! Delilah’s medical condition had been certified for her to be placed in foster care. It was at this point that she met foster mother Amelia.

Amelia was overjoyed to have Delilah stay with her at her house. She was able to adjust quite fast. When asked why she developed her puppy demeanor while living on the streets, Amelia says in the video below that she didn’t have time to be a puppy while on the street. She enjoyed playing with Amelia and following her around everywhere she went (even the restroom!).

Delilah quickly became fascinated with the beach and became a lifelong fan. She was unable to get enough of it. Amelia started bringing her there on a regular basis, and she quickly gained a large number of friends. Amelia claims she’d make a poor guard dog since she cares about every single person (and dog) she comes into contact with.

The narrative just gets better from here. We will not give anything away about the plot. We are happy that Delilah is now secure and well-cared for by her family. Thank you to The Dodo for taking the time to share this touching tale with us all! Continue reading to witness the whole rescue and joyful conclusion in its entirety.

By Elen

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