Margo is the name given to this adorable cat! She was supposed to be born on the streets of New York City. The animal struggled for her right to survive from the very beginning of her life.

Somehow, the kitten found itself in a precarious situation. And in its desperation, it sought assistance from others.

The first person to see her was a skateboarder. He didn’t leave Margo alone for a second. He pulled the cat out of the trunk of his vehicle and put it in a box, then drove it to the veterinarian’s office, which was a short distance away.

After evaluating the young woman who was living on the streets, the veterinarian determined that she had inflammation in her upper respiratory tract as well as infection in her eyes. Some parasites in her intestines were also a source of discomfort for the kitten.

Due to the fact that Margo lacked a microchip, the man who discovered her took her with him and declared himself to be her owner.

He provided her with medication. The kitten ceased sneezing and coughing after a short length of time. Her eyes, too, eventually healed and returned to their previous condition.

Finally, the kitty was able to completely recover and even attempted to become a skateboarder.

Months have passed and little Margo has grown into a beautiful cat.

By Elen

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