With her large puppy dog eyes, this stay dog eagerly awaits the closing of a well-known sandwich business every night of the week.
Soon enough, when the staff notices her there, they will begin preparing her very own special lunch for her.

Due to the fact that she hasn’t missed a single visit to her favorite sandwich shop in over a year, she has been called “Subway Sally.”

Even a video of the beautiful pup’s daily routine was recorded by a Tiktok user, and the video has had over 21 million views since it was uploaded.

However, Subway is not the only location where the stray may receive food; if the staff is late in delivering her food, she will seek it out elsewhere.

Some people say that the stray is too clean to be a stray, but Kxnuko just explains that she looks this way because of the caring community that cares about her and that she is not a stray one.
According to her, the woman who works at the neighborhood flower store is responsible for her clean, glossy coat, and she even gives her a bath every now and again.

Despite this, Sally’s existence as a stray continues to be tough, and despite previous rescue efforts, Sally always manages to make her way back to the same Subway location.

She has even been seen holding a litter of four pups on one occasion!

“Several individuals have attempted to take her, but she has always refused to leave. “I have a feeling she has a regular location to sleep and may even be caring for her pups.”

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