A starving street dog now has a home for life thanks to some kind and clever humans.

Attempting to help a starving and terrified dog that was living alone at the Evans Creek campground in Washington State, Amanda Guarascia and Dylan Parkinson made the decision to do their best.

When they arrived at the campgrounds, they were greeted by the sight of the dog sitting where he had been promised. Due of his extreme fear, they were unable to go close enough to help him. They attempted to entice him with food, but were unsuccessful, and so they departed to go get some hotdogs. Despite their efforts, the fearful dog remained on the verge of attacking them when they returned.

They stayed for many hours before leaving at 3 a.m. the next morning. After they had departed, they came up with a new plan of action. It was a relief when they returned the following day to find that the dog had not disappeared. They made the decision to appeal to the dog’s sympathies on this particular day since food had failed to work the previous day.

Amanda explained on Facebook the original plan they came up with as well as the events that transpired leading up to the rescue of the boy. She penned the following:

Then I sank to the ground with my back to the pup, whom we have named Bear (or, to be more specific, Baby Bear), and began gently creeping backwards towards where he was sleeping.

Her strategy was to seem distressed in order to see if she could pull Baby Bear closer to her. Her message went on to say:

The whimpering and yawning (which is an indication of relaxation) continued as I moved closer to the adorable little Baby Bear, finally resting up against him. At one point, he got up and started looking for refuge because he recognized me as a poor human female who lacked survival abilities, and he took me under his wing. ”

Her strategy was successful. Not only was she able to get up up and personal with the newborn bear, but she was also able to pick him up and hold him. They took him to the veterinarian for assistance, according to her writing:

“I had to lug him around everywhere! When I picked him up and placed him in the vehicle, we cuddled close until we went to the veterinarian’s office. “Once again, I had to carry him into the house…all 57 pounds of him!”

After the bear’s medical needs were met by a veterinarian, he was transported to the Wuyou Bay Reserve, where he found an incredible foster family. Soon later, he discovered his true home and was overjoyed when his photographs were discovered.

There is no question that Amanda and Dylan saved his life by performing a patient and one-of-a-kind rescue operation. We have no doubt that Baby Bear is very appreciative for all of the kindness that was shown to him that day.

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By Elen

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