There are many people in their 90s who are unable to walk, much alone engage in physical activity such as jogging. Takishima Mika, a 90-year-old woman,, nevertheless, rejects all of these assumptions. She works out every day, and she also works as a physical trainer for others.

In fact, she wasn’t interested in sports at all since she was an overweight lady. Following his diagnosis of obesity, however, he chose to modify his lifestyle and begin participating in sports at the age of 65.

Even though she did not work and lived at home with her husband, she was able to restore her strength and take care of herself owing to the support of her family and friends.

The first goal for him was to drop 30 pounds, and after he achieved his ideal weight 5 years later, he wanted to return to training since he had developed an appreciation for fitness and sports during this period.

After retiring at 11 p.m. and resuming work at 3 a.m., Takishima needs just four hours to replenish his strength and vitality.

His afternoon routine includes taking care of the home and doing weight training. He watches television from time to time while sitting up and keeping his back straight. He enjoys a tiny lunch and then goes to sleep for a short period of time.

After that, he trains, performs fitness exercises, and works on the computer, all of which allows him to improve his English. Following that, he enjoys a glass of wine while dining.

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By Elen

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