Following her owners’ decision to give up on her, a loving pittie was given a second shot. She was tied to a tree in the middle of a Brooklyn park, with a letter written next to her, and she was beaten. Fortunately, a good-hearted individual came upon the dog just in time and saved her life!

Eric Maus, a 28-year-old man from Prospect Lefferts Gardens, was walking two dogs he’d been caring for in the park when he came across Mamas, a 7-year-old pit bull who was tied to a tree. He approached Mamas and told her what he’d seen. Eric immediately went in search of the dog’s owners, but there was no indication of anybody around. A message was hanging from a tree, which caught his attention as he moved closer to the scene. Because the dog was just as loving and gentle as she was enormous, Eric approached her right away and became friends with her.

“I was walking my dogs, Gouda and Lily, around the park when I saw this incredibly enormous, fat pit bull tethered to a tree,” Eric told The Dodo in an exclusive interview. After a few moments of searching, I yelled out to her and asked if she knew where her owners were. She was being so lovely and compassionate with me. She was simply resting there with her tongue out, it was adorable.”

Eric learned her name was Mamas and that she was seven years old from a letter he discovered next to the dog, which was accompanied by the message: “Take me home.” I’m a wonderful canine companion. Don’t be intimidated by my stature. “I’m a sweetheart.” It was at this point that Eric understood he had come upon an abandoned dog and that he ought to do something, but he had no clue where to begin. Regardless, he made the decision to assist Mamas.

Eric was moved to action and took a few photographs of the dog, which he then shared with his neighbors via a Facebook group. Fortunately, one of them raced to Eric’s aid within minutes of hearing the news. As a result, they have transported Mamas to Sean Casey Animal Rescue, which is located in Windsor Terrace.

In the end, the good-hearted young guy explained: “I didn’t know what to do, but I wanted to assist her.” “A dog shouldn’t be left alone in a park-like that, particularly if it’s tethered with a metal chain,” says the owner. “I had a strong sense that I needed to do something.”

Mamas seemed to be in good spirits when she arrived at the rescue facility, despite the fact that she was dehydrated. She simply had the feeling that she was in excellent hands, and, more importantly, she was happy to finally be out of that park. Mamas will be available for adoption as soon as she has passed all of her medical exams and testing. Eric, the guy who rescued her, hopes that she will find a loving family that will accept her for who she is.

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