Everyone is lovely, and it seems that as time goes on, cultures learn to appreciate that beauty more and more fully. Until recently, the only models deemed appealing and lovely by fashion labels were those who were thin. Today, however, a large number of different individuals are employed as models and are chosen to represent the brands of well-known corporations.

Recently, Victoria’s Secret showcased a model with Down syndrome, and yet another firm is doing the same for its customers.

The Banana Republic featured a newborn boy with Down syndrome in their most recent advertising campaign. According to FOX 5 New York, a company representative stated in a statement: “The BR Baby collection, which was recently launched by the Banana Republic, was designed with the promise of being more feasible, more friendly, and more comprehensive.

“We want to celebrate diversity in all of its manifestations, and the casting for BR Baby provided us with an ideal opportunity to do so,” the statement said. “We were overjoyed to be able to provide this lovely, loving person his first modeling opportunity.”

This is unquestionably a wonderful example of diversity and inclusion. We really hope that more and more businesses will follow our lead in the future as we have.

Katie Driscoll, the creator, and president of Changing the Face of Beauty has lauded the firm for its efforts to bring about change. “Our group is sometimes disregarded when discussing diversity; nonetheless, the disability community is the biggest minority in the world, and one in every five households knows or loves someone who has a disability.” “Being visible in the world in which we live is critical to our long-term survival.”

By Anna

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