The fact that he had a long road ahead of him was obvious, and he didn’t seem to be doing well at the shelter right from the start of his ordeal.

It was immediately evident that he didn’t trust anybody when he arrived at the facility, according to Lauren Mann, who spoke to The Dodo. “We’re not really aware what his living environment was like previous to coming to us,” she said.

According to his former humans, they just “didn’t have time for him and they were relocating,” and as a result, they surrendered him to the shelter.

We were able to get him to warm up with snacks and when he was let to run about in the play yard.”

However, it was evident that Big Mac required someone who was really patient with him. However, as time went on, he was able to establish himself as the shelter’s longest-serving inhabitant.

When Big Mac was given to the shelter, 260 days had passed before a miracle happened, and he was ultimately adopted and allowed to leave the facility.

One of the shelter’s volunteers had fallen in love with the hesitant pup and chose to take him into her home as part of her foster family, which was the beginning of their story.

The first night he slept for like 12 hours straight, according to my colleague, and then he just really opened up and wanted to play with her other dog, as well as with the cats in the foster home.” [He] did a complete 180 and turned out to be a fantastic dog.”

Big Mac’s new human had even taught him to have faith in other people again!

In the beginning, her resident dog took him in under his wing, and if they were out walking and he’d feel a bit worried, her dog would reassure him and show him that everything was OK and that people could be trusted,” says the author.

When Mann and her colleagues at the Tennessee animal shelter learned that he was leaving the shelter for good, they wanted to do something special to commemorate his departure from the facility.

A lovely standing ovation was given to the dog and his new parent by the whole shelter employees as they filed through the front door of the shelter together.

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