Once the Reyes couple were going along the street of one of the California towns. On the side of the road they observed a cardboard box with a rubbish bag on top of it. It is highly probable that Gloria and Guillermo would have passed by the package, except but for one thing: it moved. The pair recognized that there was someone living within.

The Reyes opened the parcel and noticed that there was a little golden retriever puppy inside. The gorgeous infant was struggling for oxygen, and his eyes were full of tears. Another couple of minutes and, most likely, the dog would be gone.

The couple brought the sickly small dog to the veterinarian clinic. It became discovered that the retriever had oxygen deprivation. Several physicians took care of the dog at once. He was revealed to have various ailments. Apparently, the previous owners decided that it was cheaper to get rid of the dog than to treat it. Now the infant is gradually getting well.

Despite the fact that the dog was handled so inhumanly, he is still incredibly gentle. The animal is eager to play with humans. To every individual at the shelter, he cheerfully wags his tail and kisses everyone who rubs him.

After the small golden retriever healed, he was transported to an animal shelter. There was a long line of folks who wanted to “adopt a baby” behind him. Now the volunteers of the shelter have a tough duty — to locate worthy owners for the dog.

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