This senior cat in a deplorable condition was found wandering the streets by chance. While it’s true that the elderly cat has been living on the streets for many years, she has turned out to be really lovely, friendly, and kind in her heart.

A stray senior cat was picked up on the street in Arlington, Virginia, United States. The cat was skinny, beaten, and filthy, and her hair was tangled with a great deal of knots. Despite her challenging circumstances, she has not lost the confidence of those around her. People who cared about her took notice of her and chose to assist her.

The cat was transferred to the AWLA shelter in the area, where she was quickly cared for and adopted. She was discovered to be suffering from various health issues, but she started to improve very quickly. The cat turned out to be really adorable, friendly, and cuddly – traits that were not expected of a stray cat in the first place. Roberta was given to her as a nickname by her classmates.

Tragically, because to the peculiarities of Robert’s brain development, she is unable to walk without falling over. In addition, she has difficulty with coordination. Everything is in working order on this piece of art. She is in good spirits, enjoys herself, and begs for love from her guardian. Her quality of life is in no way diminished as a result of this anomaly.

Earlier this month, the cat was introduced to Kona, the guardians’ favorite dog. After that, they became fast friends. In addition, spending time with one other was really intriguing for these two. After a few days, the two friends were hugging and sleeping next to one other, as if they had known each other for a very long time already.

Now they are searching for permanent owners for Roberta. According to the guardian, this aged beauty is a very lovely and delicate creature that deserves the utmost affection! We hope Roberta to find the greatest owners soon.

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