In their oath of service, our heroic policemen pledged to assist and protect everyone in need, and as it has been shown time and time again, this includes not just human beings, but also all other living things. Consequently, when a pregnant cow went into childbirth and no one was around to assist her, the police in Nebraska stepped in and rescued the day!

After one of the cows he was hauling went into labor while on the road, a truck driver had quite the adventure. After realizing he was in over his head, the guy dialed 911 to seek help. A police officer from the Omaha Police Department was called to the situation, and she was able to assist the cow mother in giving birth to her youngster, which was fortunate.

Though aiding animals in giving birth isn’t precisely what cops are trained to do, officer Sheets did an excellent job, and the calf is now in good health as a result of her efforts. However, since the officer grew up on a tiny farm, she was able to do the work flawlessly as a result of her previous expertise.

Using social media, the Omaha Police Department shared officer Sheets’ odd objective with the globe!

On Facebook, the department said that “Officer Jackie Sheets was sent to assist a truck driver who was moving livestock to Iowa Friday evening.” During a call, one of the cows went into labor, and officer Sheets’ childhood memories of growing up on a farm came to the fore.” The calf was delivered successfully thanks to her assistance.

Watch the video here:

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