Usually, when we find ourselves in need of assistance, those who swore an oath to defend us are the first ones to respond. However, it seems that our heroic cops are not only assisting human people, but are also assisting all creatures. Consequently, when a fearful dog found herself in a potentially life-threatening scenario, two cops stepped in to rescue her!

An anonymous complaint to the Massachusetts State Police about a dog that was roaming on the busy Interstate 495 brought troopers Malachy Higgins and Dana Atkinson to the scene. The dog, a German Shepherd, seemed to be in a state of confusion, and when the cops attempted to bring her to safety, she bolted back into traffic, putting her life in danger. It was at this point that the two cops recognized they needed to act immediately in order to rescue the terrified dog.

In a Facebook post, the Massachusetts State Police said the dog was “walking in and out of traffic in all three lanes.” troopers Malachy Higgins and Dana Atkinson arrived and were able to find the dog, which they then attempted to assist off the highway and onto an exit ramp.

The troopers from the Massachusetts State Police worked along with officers from the Methuen Police Department and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in order to save the dog’s life. They were able to halt the whole flow of traffic and then rescue the stranded dog in this manner.

It was reported to the police department that “the dog leapt into the driver’s seat and sat behind the wheel.” “Trooper Higgins climbed inside the cruiser and persuaded the exhausted pup to go across to the passenger seat,” says the trooper.

However, the cops’ tremendous work did not end there. As soon as they rescued the puppy called Lexi, they immediately proceeded to her home to reunite her with her worried owner. Officer Higgins, who is also a dog owner, expressed his delight at seeing Lexi return to her owner’s arms once again.

‘I’m a dog owner myself, so I understand what it’s like to have a dog go missing,’ trooper Higgins said in an interview with the Boston Herald. The man said that he was married with a 1-year-old child. It would be heartbreaking for them if we were to lose him, and I understand that.”

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