Meet Nitro, a sweet pit bull who was discovered as a stray on the sidewalks by a kind stranger in late August of 2016. Nitro is a member of the Pit Bull Rescue and Adoption Program. The individual took the puppy to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter in New York as soon as possible in the hopes that he would find a forever home there as well.

When Nitro first arrived at the shelter, he immediately won the hearts of all of the staff members and shelter volunteers. In order to account for this, everyone implied that this little friend would be adopted by loving parents in no moment at all.

Regretfully, it has now been more than three years (981 days) and Nitro is still standing in line in his cage at the shelter, hoping and praying that his forever family is out there searching for him. Despite the fact that everyone at the shelter appreciates and takes care for him, isn’t quite the same as having a stable home.

Brittany Broderick, a volunteer at Brookhaven Animal Shelter, told The Dodo that “he is dealing with the stress of being in the shelter pretty well.” His cry in his kennel is due to the anticipation of when his day will arrive, but when he comes out, a big smile appears on his face, and he is well-liked by the many volunteers who care for him.

Nitro, notwithstanding his difficulties adjusting to shelter life, remains a sweet and gentle canine companion. He has a huge smile on his face that can make the days of the shelter’s employees a little more manageable. And, of course, his infectious smile will undoubtedly brighten the lives of any fortunate adoptive family who is willing to provide him with a forever family.

According to Broderick, “all he wants is to be loved and to be at home with his family.” A shelter, however, is not what will provide the puppy with proper love and care.

We are pleased to report that he has found a loving home with his new owners. Nitro has finally found the compassionate home and devoted owners that he has been waiting for for more than three years at the shelter.

By Anna

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