A photo of a strange-looking kitten began to circulate on social media. His skin tone is closer to orange than red. The major feature, though, is curls – a lamb with a cat’s face! Handsome.

The curly-haired kitten is real, alive, and has nothing to do with Hungarian pigs with curly hair. No, it’s a feline with a distinctive genotype.

He is not alone in the world, and this is a common issue. It all began in 1987, when a kitten named DePesto was born in one of Montana’s animal shelters.

She was the only one in the litter with a curly coat, a mestizo based on a Persian breed.

The cat appeared to the “Persian” breeder, who mixed her with a well-known species, resulting in kittens with similar curls. The dominant gene, the foundation of the new breed, is here.

Officially, the breed is still in its infancy, and the majority of the “Selkirks'” progeny are born with defects. Another issue is determining whether kitten is a thoroughbred and which is a mutt.

When this information reappeared in connection with the posting of a photo of an orange curl, the Internet’s favorite amusement began. Those who favored the kitten supported its right to exist, as well as the breed as a whole.

By Elen

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