Esther Abrami, a violinist from France, loves classical music almost as much as she loves cats. So naturally she believed she may not be able to find time for both practicing and caring rescue kittens. But when she met the adorable Rémila, she immediately discovered that cats genuinely loved music!

Esther, who is also a volunteer at a local animal shelter, was delighted to accept the responsibility of caring for a little kitten rescued by the Association Féli-Cité. However, as soon as she took Rémila into her house, she quickly noticed that the small cat was completely smitten with her, and that whenever she picked up her violin to practice, the lovely kitten wouldn’t stop meowing. As a result, the young woman came up with a brilliant idea.

The DODO spoke with Esther about her attempts to practice sitting down. “She would lay down on my lap when I tried, but I couldn’t do it all the time,” she said. It occurred to me that I should have a little bag in which I could put her and wear it around my waist.”

The pianist never imagined that the small cat would develop such a strong affection for classical music. “I had no idea how much she would like hanging around in there!” she said with a laugh. “I discovered that she definitely loves music! Without her removing herself from the sack, I can rehearse for an hour without her moving.”

The rescue kitty is now obsessed with her bum bag and the music that her foster mother plays for her. She would lie there for hours, asleep, while her adoring human played her the most beautiful classical music he could find. What a wonderful life you have!

According to Esther, she and Rémila have become close now that the tiny one follows her wherever she goes. A friendship that has a profound impact on the small cat’s life. ‘When she came, she weighed less than 400 grams (about 14 ounces), was afraid, and had respiratory troubles due to the fact that she had been left outdoors for many days,’ the foster mother said on Instagram. “I’m pleased to report that Rémila has blossomed into one of the nicest cats I’ve ever seen after seven days of milk bottles and continuous cuddling.” She follows me around like a shadow wherever I go. ”

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