You don’t have to be super-sized to be a hero, and it seems that this lovely dog has been taking full use of this opportunity. The teeny-tiny chihuahua was captured on video while making his way through a Colombian airport. You may assume he’s lost, but he’s really performing his job — as a sniffer dog – or at least he’s attempting to do his job.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain: this small little gentleman is unquestionably the nicest detecting dog that has ever existed. In addition, he is now a viral online phenomenon!

Agata Fornasa was in a rush to get to the airport in time for her trip when something she couldn’t pass up grabbed her eye. Some policemen from the airport’s police unit stood guard, including a little dog who seemed to be adamant about helping them find the evil people.

He even had his own police vest, and judging by the way he was going about his business, he seemed to be determined to show to everyone that he was the best person for the job.

Well, he may smell one or two items that weren’t truly luggage throughout the process, but I’m certain that his friends will let him get away with it!

“There was this small dog standing next to them who immediately started sniffing all of the baggage,” Agata said to The Dodo. “Chiqui’s name was Chiqui, and he worked as a drug hound, according to the females from the duty-free store.” I thought it was amazing, so I videotaped him to remember it.”

When it comes to Chiqui’s ability as a detection dog, there is certainly space for improvement, but one thing is clear — he has won the hearts of everyone! It has received millions of views on YouTube since the video of him sniffing around baggage at the airport was posted last week.

By Elen

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