Everywhere Madison Palm goes, she brings her beloved dog Cora with her, as she has done since she got her a few years ago. The 8-year-old pooch is a darling and joy, and he also happens to be a therapy animal. In light of Palm’s naturally welcoming demeanor, she and Cora are used to approaching strangers everywhere they go. However, the dog’s motives this time astonished even her owner.

Palm and Cora were at the Seattle International Airport, on their way from their home in Idaho to their destination in Alaska. All of a sudden, the charming Cora walked over to a stranger who was sitting a few seats away from them and introduced herself. Nothing unusual when traveling with such a devoted friend, but Palm had no idea that her dog was truly soothing the elderly gentleman.

In fact, she was already at his feet being pampered before I could even call her name. “I inquired as to if she was disturbing him,” Palm said in an interview with TODAY. “And he answered, with a solemn expression and tears in his eyes, ‘No, no.'” ‘I was searching for my dog yesterday night.'”

Despite the fact that Palm had always thought Cora to be a special dog, it wasn’t until later that she understood just how talented her pup really was. Because of the adorable dog sitting there, the man Cora approached was in tears as the corgi melted his heart!

“I genuinely believe she has a special talent. ‘She understands who is in pain and she understands who needs her assistance,’ Palm added. At the moment after he informed me that his dog had died away, I looked at Cora and said to myself,’ You are really magnificent.'” ‘How did I become so fortunate?’

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