Steve Hamel is a photographer, and one day while working on his jeep in his garage, he was surprised by an unexpected guest.

An orange and ginger cat with white paws sprang into the Jeep as if she were volunteering to assist.

Despite the fact that Steve had never seen the cat before, he thought her was quite adorable, particularly when she hopped onto his shoulders for a snuggle.

During her inspection of Steve’s garage, she seemed extremely at ease, so much so that she quickly fell asleep in one of his toolboxes.

Especially considering the fact that Kitty was not wearing a collar and there was no sign of a microchip, Steve has become very fond of his surprise guest and has shown an interest in adopting her if her family could not be discovered.

They were so taken with this nice cat that his daughter christened her Sally, and they even went out and purchased cat necessities as well as a name tag for the feline.

She was photographed and posted on the local Facebook page to see if anybody recognized her, and a few days later a family got in touch with Steve to say they recognized her.

“We were able to track down the proprietors. These nice folks were reunited with their cherished pet after a long separation. These people lived directly around the street from us and had numerous heartwarming images of their cat interacting with their kid, which we were able to use “He provided clarification in a Facebook post.

Their happiness at having reunited Sally with her family was balanced by their sadness at having done the right thing, despite their conviction that they had done what was best for her.

When Steve realized that there was nothing more they could do, he decided that they should go out and get a cat of their own. Little ginger Sally had left a cat-shaped crater in their hearts, and they were all heartbroken.

“We were looking for a tabby, but this one won our hearts. She’s really affectionate, and black cats are less likely than other cats to be adopted. We had previously created a Sally tag, so this is Sally 2.0 in our minds.”

In no time at all, Sally 2.0 had settled in and had accepted her place as a member of this kind and welcoming household. Steve had no idea that the unexpected visit he received in the garage that day would lead to so much pleasure for him and his family.

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