A guy had a sorrowful reunion with his missing dog after spotting him on the street in Tbilisi, Georgia. As he approaches, he observes a dog curled up on the pavement and calls out his name.

After a little period, the dog raises his head and sees his long-lost owner. The dog whimpers and waggles his tail enthusiastically as they cuddle and reconcile.
The following are extracts from the story of this wonderful reunion, as supplied by a redditor:

“According to my version of the incident, the guy lost his dog three years ago and got a phone call from a business owner notifying him that a dog that looked like his was sleeping in front of her store. I’m not sure how she found out, but it was most likely via friends.”

“However, he made the trek, and as he approaches, he exclaims, ‘It looks precisely like him…’ The dog’s behavior and the way he speaks to him speak for itself.”

Watch the video below…

By Anna

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