In addition to weird and humorous photographs, the internet has enlightening materials that are less pleasant and less sweet, as well as remarkable photographic tools, many of which are taken without filters and aim to capture the reality of things in their ugliness and beauty. So it occurs that every now and then, during a shot that flows through a window like a face, a moving sight arises that causes you to stop and contemplate for a few seconds on the importance of truth in general.

One of the most popular images on Instagram is of an unemployed guy who is holding his dog on his arm, a picture that embodies both pain and compassion in equal measure, giving rise to bright hope in the eyes of many. As is typically the case, everyone tends to assure what they need, touch as in the Rorschach stain test, and assign what they genuinely transmit on the inside to the other person.

Someone cannot help but consider that, despite the fact that it is a symbol of poverty and what it means to measure on the road, this photograph sends an essential message, despite the fact that it is available for reading. That individual and his dog are peacefully resting amid the crowd, showering each individual with love and luxury. Foreigners are not alone, and they may rely on the unconditional love of a devoted companion, a guardian spirit without wings but with four paws, to protect them from harm.

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By Anna

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