On their way to feed stray animals in a neighboring hamlet, two rescuers from Diasozo Animal Rescue came upon a person lying in the grass, which they recognized as a human.

The injury to the unfortunate dog was really severe. After being taken up by rescuers and seeing that one of her eyes had been purposefully gauged out, she realized what had happened. Is there anybody in their right mind who would do anything like that? Everyone and everything! Because you would always be empathetic towards animals if you were in the appropriate frame of mind.

The dog was taken to the van, where he was almost completely asleep. The rescuer states in the video below that she was able to smell the decaying eyeball she was saving. Who could do such a thing and then abandon her in this state?! It’s impossible to fathom.

Her terrible eye was drooping, and the tissue around it was decaying. There was nothing that could be done to save her eye. When she arrived at the veterinarian’s office, it was discovered that she had an old jaw fracture and that a rope had been knotted securely around her torso. Once again, it was clear that this was no coincidence. In this case, the dog had been purposefully injured.

The next stage was surgery to remove her eye, but unfortunately, she was not yet strong enough to withstand the procedure. As a result, the veterinarian provided her with ample pain medicine, allowing her to finally slumber peacefully. Her task at this point was to sleep as much as she possibly could in order to gain strength. They cure us while we sleep!

The poor girl was unable to drink or feed on her own, but the vet technicians were more than delighted to assist her. She was considerably stronger a few days later and was able to undergo the surgical procedure. The veterinarian was called in to remove her eye and clean up the surrounding region. Soon, her socket would mend and she would be back to her normal self. She’s such a strong young lady!

She did nothing but sleep for the first four days after surgery, but then she got up and went to work! What a fighter you are! She was able to sit up on her own and thank everyone who had assisted her. The time had come for her to be transported to a rescue facility and then put in a foster family. Take a look at that adorable pooch!

The adorable youngster stayed in the facility for the duration of her medical treatment, and then the most incredible event occurred! Because she was surrounded by love and care, she was able to heal far more quickly than anybody anticipated. This indicated that she may potentially be placed for adoption.

The tiny angel had finally¬†found a home! After hearing about the little fighter, a kind family expressed their want to adopt her right immediately! They gave her the nickname “Honey.”

Honey is thriving with her new name and in her new environment. We would want to express our gratitude to DAR for everything that they do! Honey is still alive today as a result of your efforts! Honey’s life narrative may be seen in the video below. It is recommended that you use caution. Honey seemed to be in a dismal situation in the video, as well. But, once again, everything works out in the end!

watch this video below:

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