A family living on the shores of Lake Baikal found a seal on the beach, which was nearly unable to walk. He was brought to the station when Nick’s dog arrived to help him.  Probably, he confused the baby seal with a puppy, since she immediately started licking and caring for the baby.

The seal was put near the bathhouse, and the pet Nika joined him and licked him for more than an hour, most likely thinking the infant was a puppy and mistaking it for one. As a result of your kindness, the adorable animal woke up and opened his eyes!

Natalya and her husband realized that the baby needed to be fed. Seals, on the other hand, feed while submerged in water, thus he was placed in a bath of water. Nika hasn’t abandoned her over this whole period. Umka was the name they gave to their visitor. He had been in the bathroom the whole night, and when he awoke the next morning, he went out on his own, prompting Nika to begin caressing him right away.

After dinner, the family attempted to return Umka to Baikal, but he turned around and came home. Everyone was ecstatic about it, and Nika immediately started licking the seal once again. He was fed once more and then left to spend the night at the residence with his family. 

When Umka was led to the beach on the third day, he crossed the water and was never seen again. Nika was heartbroken, but the proprietors were able to find something amusing for him to do in order to forget about their beloved visitor.

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By Anna

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