You’ve probably had moments of agitation when you simply wanted to strike someone in the neck. Well, someone did allegedly strike Willie in the throat, and as you can see from the clip, he is still able to breathe a little bit. He’ll be in the emergency vet’s office tonight.

I’m going to wait and see what they say, but it’s possible that he will need emergency surgery. He’s completely taken aback. In addition, he has a horrible black rash on his body, as well as a mass on his stomach that seems to be some kind of tumor.

It was forbidden for anybody to touch him, but he allowed me to pet him just before he had a full-blown freak out, which caused him to battle to breathe, so we will continue to pet him until he is ready.

Willie has been very difficult for the ER vet to work with since he is so terrified that every time they approach him, he has a terror attack and stops breathing.

They’ve stayed the course, and the timing was right for them to have blood testing done, which was positive, and to put him under anesthesia so that they could view the full extent of the injury. We discovered that he had resisted the temptation to say anything. The internal injuries are severe, extending from his neck all the way through his trachea into his coffin and down to the tops of his legs on the outside of his body.

Her fear is that the surgery may fail, resulting in a scar towel that will actually make the consequences worse, therefore she has proposed that we leave him in the sanitarium to relax and await IV instructions from the nurses. He isn’t eating, therefore this seems to be the most fashionable approach to provide medication to him at this time.

He’s a broken little canine, according to the doctor, who says he doesn’t react to anything they do. They’ve put a bandage across his neck to keep him steady. We have a long way to go before we are finished. Continue to solicit!

We still have a long way to go. Keep soliciting!

By Elen

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