Nobody came to the aid of this lonely stray kitten, who was wandering about the streets of Istanbul all alone.

It wasn’t until a kind-hearted 7-year-old girl walked along and altered this kitty’s life that she began to be accepted for who she really was: “too beautiful.”

When a little girl saw a stray cat near trash on the streets of Istanbul, she was moved to tears by the state in which she was found.

Despite the fact that this poor cat was ugly, unclean, and very starved, as well as in great need of affection, this young girl felt compelled to assist her and accepted the kitten into her house.

She was able to convince her father to pay for the veterinary care, and over time, she saw an incredible change.

After all, this cat had already gained a place in the girl’s heart, and the only thing that remained was to give her a proper name.

She chose the name Gülümser, which translates as “she who smiles,” and the two of them have formed an unbreakable relationship as a result.

Despite the fact that she lacks her upper lip and a left ear, this small kitty is ecstatic about her newfound freedom.

Take a look at the video:

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