A stray dog that was discovered cuddled up on the side of the road in order to protect five kittens from the cold will soon be seeking a new family. On November 16, images of the sweet dog, now called Serenity, and her small adopted pups were released on Facebook by the Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.) shelter in Ontario, Canada.

“Our stray sweetie is keeping her “kids” safe at the shelter tonight,” the shelter posted on its Facebook page. A kind Samaritan had seen the dog snuggled up with the kittens along a road in Chatham-Kent and called the shelter, which responded immediately. The weather that night was -2 degrees Celsius, and a P.A.W. staffer told CTVNews.ca that the kittens would have certainly gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for Serenity’s intervention.

As soon as the animals were returned to the shelter, Serenity expressed her worry for the kittens’ well-being. However, it is unclear to the shelter if Serenity was previously acquainted with the kittens or whether she discovered them on the side of the road.

A subsequent letter from the shelter said that the black kittens had been taken in by a foster family until they were mature enough to be placed up for adoption. Serenity, on the other hand, will be ready for adoption after December 3rd. Despite the fact that she is a young puppy (she is thought to be approximately 2 years old), she is a bundle of activity. Serenity’s personality and the shelter’s qualifications for a suitable home are described in further detail by the shelter in Serenity’s voice.

It goes without saying that Serenity is OK in a household with other cats, but her high activity and rowdy nature would make her a better fit for a family with no children. They penned the following:

“I’ve been receiving a lot of attention on social media, but let me give you a little background information in case you don’t already know who I am or what my story is! Welcome to Serenity, my name is Serenity, and I was discovered on the side of the road last week, keeping five kittens warm. We were rescued by a nice Animal Control Officer after a concerned person phoned the shelter. Since then, we’ve been enjoying our finest lives! The kittens that I was able to keep safe have been graciously taken in by a foster family, and they will be available for adoption once they are old enough to be on their own again. My tale has been spread all across the globe, including in places like Nova Scotia, Australia, and Texas!”

I’m astonished that so many people have shown an interest in adopting me even if they are unfamiliar with my personality or eccentricities — I must be THAT adorable! Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself so that the shelter can match me with the most appropriate home possible. I’m clearly good with cats, and I would have no difficulty moving into a house with a cat or two. At the time of this writing, I am estimated to be around 2 years old, therefore I am still very young and have the energy of a toddler. I like speeding about the yard and will make complete circles around any person or item that happens to be in the same area as me. Despite the fact that the shelter staff has been trying to improve my behavior, I still have some issues and need to be taught some etiquette.”

At this point in my life, I would want to live in a house where there are no tiny children that I may unintentionally knock over — I wouldn’t want to do any harm to anybody by mistake. I’ve gotten along with a couple of dogs at the shelter so far — both were incredibly subservient or disinterested in engaging with me. In addition to my dominance, I am a huge fan of playing and have a propensity to get right in the faces of other dogs. When it came to the shelter dogs, I didn’t get along with the dominating or even mildly reactive ones. I definitely need assistance with my house training, as it is not up to par at the moment.”

When I was discovered with the kittens, the shelter staff was anxious about receiving negative feedback, so they did not adopt me out with them. However, the kittens are not yet old enough to be on their own. In the event that they waited until all of the kittens were ready, it would mean that I would not have my permanent family for at least two months. The staff’s ultimate objective is to get as many dogs out of the shelter environment and into permanent homes as quickly as possible. Ultimately, I’m simply relieved that the kittens were discovered with me and are now sleeping happily in a warm foster home rather than being left outdoors in the freezing winter weather. Once kids reach the age of majority, they will be able to purchase their own houses. My spay procedure is scheduled for the 3rd of December, and I will be ready to travel!

After Serenity was made available for adoption, she received an outpouring of support and adoption applications. She had quite the chore ahead of her to examine them all – but they were successful in finding her the ideal family, and she was adopted only a few weeks after she was saved!

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