Because of the love, he had for his pet dog, this child was willing to give up everything to make sure the puppy was safe. The brave young man wrote a heartfelt letter by hand to explain why he had to make such a hard decision.

The puppy, a pit bull that was just a few weeks old, was abandoned outside a shelter in the Mexican city of Michoacan by his 12-year-old brother. It was a surprise to the workers at the Refugio Xollin when they arrived at the shelter in the morning to discover a box with a puppy inside it and a plush animal beside him. They carried the cute dog inside, not knowing who may have abandoned him outside. However, they quickly discovered the explanation for the occurrence.

But Andrés, the owner of the adorable little pit bull, says: However, he made the difficult choice to abandon his beloved canine friend, which he expressed in a sorrowful letter. His father was violent, so he gave his dog up at the shelter so that he wouldn’t be subjected to that kind of thing.

Andrés hoped that in this manner, the pure soul would ultimately find a loving family who would adopt him and care for him as he deserved. Those stunning comments from the little child sent everyone at the shelter to their knees in tears. Furthermore, they made the decision to share the uplifting tale on Facebook.

In a post on Facebook, Refugio Xollin described how a plush toy and a message were left for a dog at the shelter’s front entrance by an unknown individual. “The message was written by a child, who indicated that his father was constantly hitting the dog and that he intended to sell him.” “He placed the dog here to rescue him since he was in such a condition of sorrow.”

Following the reading of Andrés’s heartbreaking letter, the shelter did all in its power to locate Rene a permanent home and a loving family for him, which is why the puppy was given the name “Rene.”

Andrés’s passionate remarks are underneath!

Andrés’s message, which was initially written in Spanish, begins, “My name is Andrés, and I am twelve years old.” My mother and I have chosen to entrust you with the care of my dog, in order to keep him hidden from my father, who is considering selling him.” On the other hand, he mistreats and kicks him. He once kicked him so hard that he injured his tail as a result. I’m hoping you’ll be able to assist him and look after him. “I left him a plush animal so he wouldn’t forget about me,” I said. 

A good family will provide Rene with refuge until he may be adopted by a family of his own. However, based on the overwhelming number of inquiries the shelter got in the first few days, it won’t be long until he meets his new parents. During the first few days after the publication of the tale on the internet, more than 300 adoption requests were fulfilled. 

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