If there’s anybody out there who believes that dogs and UPS drivers don’t always get along, this story will prove them incorrect. Even for a Pit Bull and a female UPS carrier, there are no limits to their feelings for one another.

The author, Katie Newhouser, has been a UPS driver for more than 15 years and is well-versed in her business. She’s met more people than she can recall as a result of her employment, not to mention pets, and she’s had a lot of fun. It’s only that there’s one dog that she can’t mistake for anybody else, and it’s the one who used to be her buddy but has now become a part of her family.

All of you should get to know Leo, the PitBull sweetheart who has a very special place in her heart.

Back in the day, when Katie first encountered Leo, he was owned by a woman called Tina, and the two of them had an unbreakable relationship that could not be described in words. Katie had a client dog named Leo. He made a habit of waiting for the lady at a location where she appeared at least once or twice a month.

The Dodo said that whenever she arrived at the complex, he “apparently went insane” and “wanted to come down and meet me.” The reason he took to me is beyond my comprehension. He would often come up to me and lick my face.”

The driver’s relationship with Leo and his master lasted for a year, until one day, when she returned from a vacation and paid them a visit, she found that the dog’s owner had passed away, and she broke the news to them.

Tina’s kid was left in charge of caring for his mother’s dog. He quickly realized, however, that he was unable to supply Leo with the kind of love and devotion that the dog had been used to. He couldn’t take care of him since he was too busy.

Katie volunteered to adopt the puppy without hesitation, resulting in one of the most remarkable human-animal connections that has ever been discovered.

He had nowhere to go, and she didn’t want him to wind up in a shelter or with someone who wasn’t going to be good for him. “I knew he had nowhere to go, and I didn’t want him to end up in a shelter or with someone who wasn’t going to be good for him,” she said.

Over the years, their friendship developed into much more. Despite the fact that Katie had previously had multiple dogs, she was certain that Leo would be a good fit for her family and would blend in seamlessly. After that, the doggy moved in with Katie and his doggie brothers. We are certain that he is surrounded by the love and support he needs.

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