We’re all aware that cats can be a little dramatic.

According to the media, the pet cat went viral after appearing to scream in agony while staring straight into a surveillance camera after being left alone at home while his owners were away on vacation.

A cute British Shorthair puppy named Fu Fu, who is two years old and named after his owner, was captured on tape crying when he heard his name being called on the home monitor.

As soon as she observed the “heartbreaking” scenario, Ms. Meng claimed she had called Fu Fu’s name using surveillance software on her phone and inquired as to whether or not he missed her.

In footage captured by the camera, Fu Fu the cat can be seen peering into the security camera with tears in his eyes. 

The video was shot after Ms. Meng had returned from a visit to her parents in a neighboring town to spend the Lunar New Year with them. She didn’t bring Fu Fu because she was afraid he wouldn’t get used to her parents’ house.

According to reports, the performance was so upsetting that Ms. Meng had to cut her vacation short in order to return to her beloved pet dog.

It was the 17-second video, which has earned more than 8 million “likes,” that catapulted Fu Fu to internet popularity, earning him the nickname “left-behind cat.” 

She characterized Fu Fu as bashful and clinging, but she said that the pet enjoys spending time with her and that she likes spending time with him.

She made certain that Fu Fu had adequate food and drink before she left and kept an eye on him on a regular basis to ensure that he was in good health throughout her absence.

When Fu Fu realizes that the voice he heard was really coming from the monitor, he returns to his original position to toy with the camera. Ms. Meng shouted his name, “Fu Fu,” via the monitor, and Fu Fu purred with tears in his eyes, as seen in the viral video.

“Do you miss me?” Ms. Meng can be heard asking in the video, before adding, “I will be returning in a few days.” “When I saw this, it made me feel devastated,” Ms. Meng said. In the end, she claimed, she decided to cut her vacation short so that she could come home to Fu Fu.

I had intended to spend a week at my parents’ house, but we all returned to Xuzhou earlier than expected, “she said.”

When Ms. Meng came home, she also posted a follow-up video on her social media accounts. In it, she is shown walking through the door with Fu Fu sprinting towards her with much excitement.

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