A fire broke out in one of the private residences in the tiny hamlet of Magdagachi, in the Russian region of Amur, at one point.

What a surprise it was for the firefighters when they stormed into one of the rooms and saw a kitten huddling in the corner of the room and meowing loudly.

At the same time, the kitten’s fur and mustache were slightly charred, giving it the appearance of a natural fireman who had been at the scene of the fire before any assistance came to assist it.

The kitten was caught in the camera lenses shortly after the fire, and the photographs were posted on the Internet as soon as they were taken. The cat was self-assured, bold, and unfazed by the situation.

Many users wrote in the comments that it was the kitten himself that put out the fire, and everyone else helped him.

Since he didn’t need the assistance of firemen to be saved, many people have described his facial expression as “bored.” After all, he was the main character of the “show,” and firefighters weren’t required to save him.

Now, the leader of the feline fire patrol is continuing to acquire fame on the Internet, as seen by his heroic fireman appearance, which has captured the hearts of the locals.

What do you think? Did the cat really need help, or he was helping the firefighters?

By Elen

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