The elephant seen in the photograph is not unfamiliar to the people of Nakhon Nayok. Pai Salick is a 35-year-old male elephant that goes by the name of Pai. He is well-known among the residents since he often pays them a visit and tramples through their gardens in search of food.

This elephant’s habitat is in the adjacent forest, but he often comes out to wander about at night in this area. In his attempts to get entry into people’s homes, he created considerable disruption.

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However, this elephant made the mistake of choosing the incorrect residence that night. Maybe he’ll never realize that the home owner has a particular protector — a 3-year-old tabby cat who lives with him.

Simba is the name of the cat, and he is as bit as bold as his moniker suggests. In this fantastic photograph, the moment when the small little cat scared away the big elephant while it was meandering about the yard is perfectly captured.

The property owner said that his cat has a strong sense of territoriality, which means that he might be hostile against the undesirable visitors if they get too close.

This tabby cat showed no fear of the giant trespasser, and even managed to overpower an elephant that attempted to raid its yard. Walking approaching the intruder, the cat seems to be completely at ease.

This time around, the giant has met its equal. When the elephant became afraid of the violent feline, it made its way into the jungle.

Elephants are legally protected in Thailand, according to the country’s legislation. Actions that cause harm to them may result in the most severe punishment of three years in jail as a result. The reason for this is because elephants have been on the endangered species list in Thailand since 1986, and their number has declined drastically since then. They are, on the other hand, the national animal of this country and have become a cultural symbol as a result.

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