A mistreated and abandoned pit bull was discovered curled up in a ball on the edge of passing away by animal rescuers from the Lucky Dog Refuge, according to the website dog hairs.

She had been abandoned in the woods and was in such terrible condition and spirits that they could tell she was on the verge of giving up her fight for life.

Rescuer Stacey escorted her back to the vehicle, where she was given the nickname “Halo.” Halo was very puzzled because she couldn’t comprehend why people were being kind to her. After she was picked up by Lucky Dog Refuge and sent to a veterinarian, she has prescribed antibiotics and a dietary regimen. They discovered that she was completely blind. When Halo returned home with Stacey for foster care, she showed that she was a warrior by surviving after several scares.

After being rescued in September of 2020, when they weren’t sure whether or not she would make it, Halo recovered sufficiently to be transferred to Lucky Dog Refuge’s main shelter in Stamford, Connecticut, where she could begin her search for a forever home. Her intelligence and rapid learning make her a popular “hippo” who is delighted to be adored by everyone. Moreover, she enjoys ice cream. A true “angel,” according to her rescuers, It is preferred if the house has a yard, although they are searching for something more laid-back.

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