This kitten was discovered hiding in a car bumper, during a 300-mile journey in the UK.

After a long day of traveling from Birmingham to the Royal Naval Air Station at Culdrose, Lt Nick Grimmer of the Royal Navy was startled by the little meows he heard.

When he dismantled the automobile with the assistance of his colleagues, there he discovered…the cat hidden under the bumper of his BMW.

Tigger was the nickname given by the pilot’s coworkers. They are all members of the 814 Naval Air Squadron, also known as the Flying Tigers, which is based in San Diego.

“I’d flown into Birmingham after a vacation and traveled via Bristol and Bath before landing in Cornwall rather late,” said Nick, who works as a helicopter pilot for a submarine-hunting Merlin helicopter company.

“I checked in the trunk, behind the bonnet, and everywhere around and under the car, but I couldn’t discover anything that was producing the noise. Some of our air engineers responded to my call and assisted me in dismantling my prized possession, which was a source of pride for me. When we removed the back bumper, we were welcomed with a little cat with tiger stripes on it. He must have traveled a considerable distance, yet he seems to be in good health.” He went on to say more. “Despite the fact that I am never late for work, I was forced to bring my new acquaintance into the office with me.”

“The only place he has been able to sleep is in my flight helmet, which is where he has felt the most comfortable.”

As Commanding Officer of the Flying Tigers, Commander Brendan Spoors expressed his delight at adopting the mascot “Tigger,” noting that it is “traditional for Royal Naval forces to have a ships cat!”

“Tigger must have a human owner somewhere between here and Birmingham, and we are determined to track them out.” Operation Tiger Kitten was launched as a result of my order to my team.”

Because of the power of social media, they aim to have ‘completed this task’ by the end of this week.

Tigger is a little creature, yet he is fearless and adventurous! Please share with your friends!

By Elen

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