After being found screaming and begging for food on the rough streets of Texas, Stella was discovered to be nine months pregnant and very dehydrated.

The desolate canine was sheltering beneath automobiles for protection and seemed to be distressed by the uncertainty surrounding the destiny of her newborn puppies.

When the employees of the North Fork Animal Welfare League (NFAWL) learnt about Stella, they acted quickly to take her into their possession.

Stella was taken to a veterinarian for a necessary medical examination by the NFAWL team. In accordance with the size of the pups seen on the X-ray, the veterinarian felt certain that the litter will be born within the following two weeks.

As a result, the personnel at the shelter made Stella feel comfortable in a calm and peaceful room. The fact that she would go into labor the following morning was a complete surprise to them!

As it turned out, the sense of protection and security that Stella experienced at the shelter was sufficient to induce her to labor without stress. Within a few of hours, she gave birth to eight pups under under supervision from the staff. This was the shelter’s first litter in more over two decades, and it was a very satisfying experience for everyone involved!

The shelter has appealed to the public for financial assistance in order to provide adequate care for the frail mother and her litter of puppies. Stella will need more feeding in order to be able to rear her pups properly, and the expense of vaccinating and spaying/neutering the whole litter will be prohibitively expensive.

If you would like to make a donation to help this rescued furry family with their expenses, you may do so by visiting their GoFundMe page here.

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By Elen

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