Cats are infamous for their hatred of water, but some of them, like the cat in the video below, really like it. Cute Mimi, on the other hand, likes to wash and thinks it’s her favorite thing to do on the planet.

It is believed that Cute Mimi was found as a stray cat and adopted by Miss Liao when she was just three months old, according to her owner, Miss Liao. Mimi was shopping at the farmers’ market when she happened to see her.

Cute was a source of concern for her before she brought Mimi home. It’s possible that Mimi and her dog, Dudu, will not get along. Fortunately, they got along really well and quickly became the best of friends.

Bathing her was a breeze for Miss Liao since the cat is a big fan of the experience. Taking a bath does not bother Mimi the cat in the least bit. All she needs is a sink and a huge bowl to bathe in.

After her owner released a video of her bathing in the sink on YouTube, the video instantly went viral. You may see the videos by clicking here!

By Anna

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