When Ox was 14, he’d been a devoted companion to his owner for the majority of his 14 years . He loved his human unconditionally, but that wasn’t the case for the owner.

As soon as the owner’s new significant other claimed that Ox was “allergic,” he immediately surrendered the sickly senior baby to the nearest animal shelter.

Ox’s disturbing behavior in his kennel after his owner had left disturbed the staff at the Humane Society of Hamilton County in Indiana, who were devastated by his actions.

Ox hung his head from his kennel bed and sobbed, as if he were a child who had been defeated. His heart had been irreparably broken, and the workers were well aware that senior dogs like him were prone to losing their will to live and being put down.

Ox’s terrible kennel picture was quickly uploaded on social media by the shelter, which touched the hearts of an incredible number of people. Ox was adopted by a lady less than 2 hours after she saw the article and went to the shelter. However, even though Ox was still recovering from what had transpired that day, his spirits were raised when he found himself in the arms of another kind person.

Gradually, Ox opened his heart to his new family and began smiling again in his new home. He was often troubled by the memories of his prior owner, but he was also happy to discover that his new mother and human siblings really cared about him, provided for his needs, and were never angry with him.

Ox realized he was a beloved companion in his new home, but his heart had never been able to heal from the rejection and treachery he had experienced before.

Poor Ox went away in the arms of the lady who had brought so much joy to his last days, six months after being adopted by a family. We hope you’re in a better place now, Oxygenator. Sweetheart, may you rest in peace.

By Elen

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