Shannon Lorio tears up every time she recalls the catastrophic day when she nearly died in a car crash. Shannon was traveling down a winding country road in Georgia on that fateful day when she lost control of her vehicle due to an abrupt turn. Shannon was killed instantly. Her automobile crashed, and her body plummeted down the adjacent forest, about 100 feet away from the main road. 

Shannon suffered severe head trauma on impact and she lost her ability to move. That’s when a homeless German Shepherd who was walking around became aware of her condition and dashed over to assist her in her distress. He tugged at her lifeless body and sensed that time was running out for the injured woman.

Shannon fell in and out of consciousness numerous times over the following few minutes as she sensed her body being dragged out of the forest by the heroic German Shepherd. When a car came across the confused woman resting on the side of the road, she realized the dog had been by her side all along.

Shannon could make it out alive thanks to emergency room treatment that arrived at the right moment. As soon as she regained consciousness, she set off in search of the dog who had single-handedly saved her life from certain death. Shannon finally discovered the dog after searching for him for several days and proudly named him “Hero” for his bravery.

The following day, Shannon brought Hero to the local Humane Society, where dog trainer Heidy Drawdy immediately fell in love with him. Having taken him in, Heidy is now teaching him to be a search and rescue dog, something he is already very excellent at! Hero, you did an excellent job!

Watch the video below to see how Hero played the most important role in Shannon’s heartbreaking survival story!

By Elen

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