Cats and dogs are often recognized as eternal opponents, but after reading this, you will get the opposite idea.

An adorable, caring kitten has gone viral on social media after being seen soothing an abandoned puppy. Here is the story.

The stray dog has been brought out of the same apartment where he previously resided, and he has refused to go back despite the inclement weather conditions.

Most intriguing, though, is the pup’s fluffy feline companion, who does not seem to want to leave its side at all.

While the cat is difficult to track down, it seems to flee if people approach the pair: “They don’t always leave here staring at the same item, but the funny thing is that the dog tries to inspect everyone’s face, unlike the cat who flees,” explains a local.

The elderly couple who had raised the dog were forced to move to a senior care facility and leave the pup behind since they were not permitted to take him with them.

Six months have passed, and the dog has yet to go beyond the front of the building. One of the residents even built a small shelter for the animals to keep them safe from the weather.

Even though he has a little house, the stray dog likes to lay down at the door of the building, where he is followed by its loving feline partner.

In the evenings, when they sleep together, they cuddle to stay warm. Since they happened to meet on the street, it’s possible that they believe they are in the same predicament. “They are aware of their differences, yet they get along well and console one another.”

However, in winter, a rescue organization was called in to transport the stray dogs to a more appropriate home.

It was decided that they were both in excellent health and that they should be picked up and transported to the local veterinary clinic. They are now living in a transitional housing facility while they look for a long-term home.

Watch the full video about this friendship below:

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