Cats and dogs, as we all know, frequently find themselves in the most interesting situations, in which they not only require assistance, but also cooperate with one another to provide assistance.

Turkey was recently struck by an earthquake of magnitude 6.6, causing numerous rescuers to rush in to save people and animals who had become trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings in a dramatic rescue operation that took hours.

For more than 30 hours, one cat in particular had been trapped beneath two floors of crumbled wreckage and was in serious need of help.

Unfortunately for this unlucky cat, a rescue dog named Bob happened to be on the scene and was able to sniff out the cat under all of the wreckage, alerting rescuers who were able to break through the rubble and save the animal.

Umut, which translates as “Hope” in Turkish, was given to the cat after its horrific rescue and adoption. It’s true that Umut is a lucky cat, and that Bob is a hero dog!

During its rescue, the poor cat was terrified and shivering, and it had nothing except “hope” to hold to for survival. “Hope” that someone or some animal would come across him, and fortunately for him, Bob the dog came to his rescue and saved his life!

Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing rescue story…

By Elen

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