Cats are incapable of understanding the idea of their owner’s personal space, hence there is no sense of privacy while sharing a home with one. Despite the fact that they are protective of their own space, they are indifferent about the privacy of others.

Cats are very territorial, and they will take advantage of any opportunity to get their claws onto your lap, your laptop, or even your bed if you let them. They will remind us, whenever the opportunity presents itself, that all space is their space.

Recently, a Twitter user by the name of yoshi ben shared a couple photos of her cat attempting to prevent her from sitting on the chair she was using. As a result of the cat’s adorable and amusing expression, it has entirely taken over the internet.

Twitter users have reacted positively to the tweet, which has been shared more than 50.000 times and liked more than 200.000 times.

Yoshitsune, a 5-year-old cat, is trying to push her human away from sitting on one of her favorite chairs, as you can see from the photos. She clearly does not like her owner to enter her personal space, as seen by her adorable and silly expression!

Pushing her owner away with her front legs, she gets back the chair and pushes him away again. The owner, however, refuses to budge no matter what she does. Then, she screams, “What are you sitting on?” with an angry expression. I want you to move now!”

She gently pushes her owner off her chair. The cat makes numerous attempts to move her owner away from her favorite chair. She refuses to give up until her owner gets up from her chair.

Look at her making efforts angrily to make her owner move aside from her property. She is jumping from chair to chair, hoping her owner will get up.

And finally, she succeeded in her efforts.

By Elen

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