The majority have been abused or overworked, and then abandoned and let them die because of their own choices.

In the meantime, Nicola Coyle is working relentlessly to provide them with all of the love and care that they have earned throughout their lives as these abandoned pups live out their last days.

She has a long history of caring for animals in need on top of her career as a nurse, which she continues today. She has also worked in the field of dog rescue in the past.

As soon as she was done working, she gave all of her time and energy to dog rescue. Last year, she officially started the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice in her hometown of Chicago.

Nicola Coyle had previously worked in a dog rescue organization, and she ensures that each dog that comes to the hospice has a steak supper, a trip to the beach, and a birthday celebration.

When it comes to people, hospice care may be quite beneficial in ensuring that their quality of life is increased during at least the final few months of their existence.

Even while some of us consider our dogs to be members of our family, There are other canines that would never have experienced this kind of affection if it weren’t for us.

Doggy Heaven is a dream come true for one lady, who is determined to see as many pets as possible pass away as blissfully and quietly as they possibly can.

“All they want is to be loved and to feel protected.”

Coyle takes in rescue dogs that are projected to live just six months or less, and she makes sure that their last days on this planet are as pleasant and full of affection as possible for them and their families.

The dogs were rescued from kennels, vet clinics, and animal shelters, and they would have been put down if it weren’t for Coyle’s efforts. The alternative is for them to live out their last days in luxury.

Once the dogs have been admitted to the hospice, they are treated as if they are royalty.

As long as they are in good health, Coyle will take them on excursions such as a trip to the beach for some fish and chips or to the local pub for a wonderful steak meal.

Some are even given the opportunity to ride in a police vehicle!

Coyle organizes a birthday celebration for every dog, replete with a birthday cake!

“Because I don’t know when their birthdays are, we organize a birthday celebration for everyone,” she said.

“All they want is to be loved and secure.” “I really feel that they should have a happy ending.”

She spends roughly £500 ($680) on every dog, and although she has previously given all of the cash herself, she has just begun collecting contributions in order to be able to continue her crucial work.

Many of the dogs that come to the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice are experiencing actual warmth and love for the first time in their lives.

“I really feel that they should have a super ending.”

Coyle’s work is personal, and she grieves for each and every dog that comes through her door.

To be able to work through her feelings, she needs time apart from the dogs.

However, Coyle believes that the sorrow of saying goodbye is worth it since she knows that these dogs would not have had the love and comfort that they needed if it weren’t for her.

The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping dogs in need.

Instead of being abandoned and distraught in their last days, the dogs are lavished with love, compassion, and delicious food by volunteers.

It is because of Coyle that their last days are made warm and bright and that knowledge makes it all worthwhile. Find out more about the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice and Coyle’s essential work by visiting their website.

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