A cat’s natural curiosity may get them into a lot of trouble at times. Accidents might occur when they are in the midst of their excursions.

They develop injuries that may need surgery in order to alleviate their discomfort. Amputation of a leg falls within this category of operations.

Amputation may appear to be a cruel punishment for the pet. However, the reality is that it is currently more widespread than it was before.

The surgery is significant in scope and will result in significant alterations to the cat’s way of life. These felines, on the other hand, can adapt to living with a lost limb once they get used to it.

Cats that have had a leg amputated are often left with a missing limb. However, the cat we’ll be looking at today has had two of its legs amputated.

“Duck is the moniker given to the cat. Her double amputation may have cost her her leg, but the way she has adapted to her new life is absolutely inspirational.

Purrasicduck is her Instagram handle because she resembles a T-rex waddling about with a lot of energy and fierceness, much like a cartoon character. Because she is able to walk on two legs with ease, she is often referred to as a fluffy velociraptor.

You could be asking why she’s acting in this manner. A duck was rescued as he attempted to get inside an automobile engine.

Following the rescue, she was sent to an animal clinic. That’s where she first met Cody, her biological father.

When she was young, she had to go through the painful process of amputation.

Nothing can keep up with this cat’s boundless activity.

According to the fact that she lost her legs at a young age, Duck was used to moving on her hind legs from a young age. Watching her footage will reveal that she is no different from any other average cat.

She frolics about, playing, exploring, and generally having a good time. The fact that she can have fun despite only having two legs is a great sight to see.

She would run around the perimeter of their house, hitting every wall and ceiling. Her movements in the air, as she chases after her paper ball, would be similar to those of a professional athlete.

Duck lives with her father, five dogs, and a one-eyed cat called Goose in a little house in the country. She was able to easily fit into the rucksack.

If you look at Duck’s Instagram, you’ll notice that she adores Goose and that Goose adores Duck. The two became friends when they were quite young and are now snuggling pals.

Duck quickly became friends with Bimini, who had been feeling left out of the group since Duck’s arrival. The two are inextricably linked.

They struggle with one another and clean each other’s bodies. Due to the fact that Duck is unable to reach her face, it is Bimini who licks that portion of her face, after which she will reciprocate.

Reed, a Golden Retriever, is one of the dogs in the group. He’s the pack’s alpha male, and he cares about each and every one of them.

Puppies, a piglet, kittens, a rabbit, raccoons, opossums, and even genuine ducks are among the creatures that have been fostered. Despite the fact that they are from different species, they get along quite well.

It is, without a doubt, a loving household! When she is not playing with the pups, Duck enjoys spending time outside with her two-legged friends.

They are a small group of hens with a few eggs. It’s as though she understands and connects with them.

In the same way that Duck is fond of her chicken companions, Goose feels the same way! It’s a quiet foster home where everyone may meet new people and make new friends.

She’s also a great source of inspiration! Her amputation did not prevent her from living life to the utmost extent possible.

We hope that all of us can be as good as Duck. She confronts life head-on, no matter what she has been through in the past.

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