Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (in North Carolina), received a call about two months ago about a little orphan cat that was in critical need of aid. She immediately responded.

That night, a concerned person heard what sounded like a bird and decided to look into it more thoroughly. Sarah said: “she went seeking for a catbird she thought she heard, but she ended up finding a kitten instead.”

When he couldn’t find his mother, the gray tabby cried nonstop for her till she came back. Despite the fact that he was alone, his eyelids were crusted shut owing to an infection. Despite his little stature, he had a formidable pair of pipes as well as an unwavering will to survive.

After that, they transported Harvest (also known as Harvey) to Sarah’s rescue the next day. They took great care to clean his eyes with a warm compress before applying cream and drops to aid in their healing.

Despite the fact that his eyes were highly infected, we cleaned him up in the hopes of catching the infection in time.

Harvey was able to open his eyes and restore his eyesight 24 hours after the incident, thanks to the removal of the muck and crust. He was put in an incubator to assist control his body temperature, and a cuddly toy was provided to him so that he wouldn’t feel alone when it came time to go to bed.
Harvey’s personality began to emerge as he continued to recover and develop. The tiny wonder kitty has a powerful voice, and he was not hesitant to use it.

Harvey screamed at the top of his lungs as soon as Sarah entered the room with a bottle, the same meow that had brought Sarah to his rescue earlier. It was impossible to feed such a demanding kitten in a timely manner.

Harvey was a superb eater, and he was quite appreciative for his companion.

With good care and food, he gained quite the chonky belly and his eyes were big and bright. Harvey was then moved into a normal kitten pen, where he was able to let loose with his unbridled energy.

Every day, the little chatterbox has a lot to say and a lot of demands to make to her mother. He longs to be the center of attention and to be treated as if he were a king in every way.

Harvey has remained the most loud of all the foster kittens, even after being exposed to the other kittens. The other kittens greet their foster mother by giving her head bonks and rubbed on the back of the neck, but this one comes sprinting and begging for attention.

After a difficult first few weeks of life, the adorable tabby has evolved into a healthy, lively young cat who is capable of holding a conversation with his owner.

Harvey has already been adopted by a family, and he will be spending the holidays with them at his permanent home.

From crying alone in a garden to now thriving as a spoiled indoor cat, Harvey lives extraordinarily to tell his story.

By Elen

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