Dogs are amazing animals. They’re the ideal companion in every occasion. Whether in good or bad times, they are always close to their loved ones and friends. A fun thing about living with a dog is that they never fail to amuse. Sometimes by purposefully behaving ridiculous, and other times by just being themselves. Dogs may age quicker, but they never really mature. They are always that tiny puppy at heart, with wandering eyes..

Today, we carry the whole world in our pockets. Even if we are separated by great miles, we are all linked. Every day, we see people sharing pieces of their daily lives on social media, and dog owners aren’t far behind. Many dog owners from all around the world post fascinating photos and videos of their four-legged pet friends. To be honest, these photographs are both heartwarming and hilarious at times. Today, we’ve compiled the top 20 dog photographs and videos from an intriguing subreddit called what’s wrong with my dog. These photographs and videos will undoubtedly make you question what the heck is wrong with these pets. Check them out by scrolling down.

1. “He breathed in while licking his nose, and his tongue was somewhat sucked into his nostrils.”

2. “I bought a live stream camera so I could monitor what my dogs were doing while I was at work.”

3. She hates being left alone in unfamiliar areas.

4. And you say he’s just a friend…

5. It’s just her face. She’s the loveliest dog you’ve ever met. But she always seemed dissatisfied with us.

6. Life takes its toll on us all…

7. “He became stuck in the shower at some point throughout the night. I awoke to terrified whimpering.”

8. All ready for Paris fashion week.

9. “If I fits, I sits.”

10. He haphazardly looked for birds in the tree when we first set it up. I instantly felt bad when I played a YouTube video of birds in the forest and put my phone in the branches. He stared at it like this for hours.

11. “Her bowl is in the dishwasher.”

By Nareh

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