Autumn, a tortoiseshell cat with an unique marking, is little over a year old and has seen it all.

Autumn was rescued from a shelter, in Houston, Texas amid Hurricane Harvey’s damage in August and sent to Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland. She was with her two small kittens, as well as 14 other cats, who had been relocated from the storm-devastated city.

Autumn, a friendly cat that likes being around people, warmed up quickly to the shelter staff.

Autumn is a vibrant and exuberant feline, according to Alley Cat Rescue communications assistant Brianna Grant. “She seems to get along with other cats, but she’s more people-social than cat-social.”

The remaining 14 cats were then picked by families and placed into permanent homes one by one. For some reason, Autumn’s luck was not as good.

Despite this, she’s found activities at the shelter to keep her occupied while she waits. Grant said, “She was a daredevil who liked climbing on the bridge we constructed at our offices.” “She’d have no problems about running back and forth over it.”

We are baffled as to why finding Autumn a permanent home is more difficult than rescuing her from a natural calamity. However, she was adopted just in time for the holidays by a loving family in New Jersey.

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By Nareh

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