‘The Carol Burnett Show’ was known for consistently delivering a great deal of laughter, and this specific segment falls into the same category. As Tim Conway hits the stage with his hilariously improvised story, the audience in the studio erupts into cheers of laughter.

While Conway is telling a story about an elephant in a circus, the other members of the ensemble are having a hard time maintaining a straight face. During the game of ‘Password,’ Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, and Dick Van Dyke are unable to contain their amusement when Mickey Hart, the character played by Conway, veers off course.

It is during the middle of the game that Mickey feels forced to tell the story of an elephant that fell in love with its trainer, which results in the entire cast laughing out loud. In spite of the fact that they are making every effort to keep their calm, the performers find themselves trembling with laughter and covering their faces during Conway’s performance, which is absolutely staggering.

By Elen

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