It is really beneficial to have members of our family babysit our children while we are at work, and it is much more advantageous when they do so without charging us. The fact is, however, that we have had issues in the past with our parents. Is it reasonable to expect them to assist us at this time? This daughter urged her mother to take care of her children after she had fled from her mother with her children.

Due to the fact that she turned 18, my daughter, Amy, has not shown any concern for me. Her graduation, engagement, and other significant life milestones were not among the occasions to which she sent an invitation to me. Because of this, we don’t converse too much. She simply reached out to me at this moment. Two of her sons are now hers. Not only was I taken aback, but we also discussed it. After a length of time, Amy started to complain about how difficult it was for her to raise her children by herself. For the sake of being a nice grandma, she requested that I babysit them on Saturdays. Due to the fact that she had caused harm to our relationship in the past, I informed her that I was no longer able to take care of her children. I wasn’t allowed to go anyplace because she informed me that I was being self-centered. Would it have been inappropriate for me to decline to assist my daughter with the children after all that we had? Your viewpoint and any useful advise that you could provide to me would be much appreciated.

By Elen

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