The youngster, who is now ten years old, will not be charged with any crime for the murder, which he described to the authorities more than two years after it took place. The family of the victim experiences “shock” upon learning the name of the perpetrator.

Despite the fact that he was only seven years old at the time, a youngster who is now ten years old has been exonerated of the charge of murdering a stranger while he was sleeping.

More than two years after Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry, 32 years old, was discovered in his RV on January 18, 2022, the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has offered a significant update on the circumstances surrounding his loss. The bizarre narrative in question comes from the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office.

When Rasberry’s place of employment contacted to report that he hadn’t come to work in two days, the authorities said that the Sheriff’s Office came to the Lazy J RV Park. This occurred after the owner of the park conducted a welfare check on Rasberry by monitoring his condition. Rasberry, who had been shot in the head many times, was discovered passed by the owner of the park; his loss was determined to be the result of a murder.

The findings of the inquiry indicated that Rasberry had been deceased for around two days prior to the discovery of his corpse. Additionally, he had moved into the RV park only a few days before to his disappearance. The investigation, on the other hand, was halted after a number of warrants and interviews with witnesses failed to provide any results.

The situation then took a turn earlier this month, when it was reported that a youngster of ten years old, whose identity has not been made public, had reportedly threatened to “assault and kill” another pupil. A deputy who conducted an interview with school authorities said that the youngster “made a statement that he shot and killed a man two years ago.” The issue was then submitted to the Sheriff’s department after it was brought to their attention. At that point, the deputies began to have grounds for believing that there was a connection between the youngster and the murder of Rasberry.

After that, he was transferred to a child advocate center and interrogated there; it was then that he reportedly “described in detail that two years ago he shot and killed a man in a trailer in Nixon, Texas.” During the month of January 2022, the boy allegedly said that he was visiting his grandpa, who resided a few lots away from Rasberry’s RV, when he grabbed his grandfather’s gun and entered the victim’s RV while he was asleep.

“The Child stated he observed Brandon sleeping in his bed and approached Brandon and discharged the firearm into Brandon striking him one time in the head,” according to government officials. In the process of exiting the recreational vehicle, the youngster indicated that he fired the weapon once more into the sofa that was located within the RV. Following this, the youngster departed the recreational vehicle and placed the pistol back into the glovebox of the truck.

There was a strong correlation between the information supplied and Rasberry’s murder.

The youngster continued by saying that he did not know the victim and that the only time he had seen him was earlier in the day, when he was at the RV park, before he killed him. “The child was also asked if he was mad at Brandon for some reason or if Brandon had ever done anything to him to make him mad, the child stated no,” according to the law enforcement official.

Following the investigation, the firearm that was used in the crime was discovered at a pawn shop, and ballistic evidence from the site was proven to be a match.

The youngster was put under a mandatory detention for a period of seventy-two hours before being sent to a mental facility for “evaluation and treatment,” according to the police. For the events that occurred on the bus, he was subsequently arrested by the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office on counts of Terroristic Threat. He is now being held in jail while awaiting a court date.

However, he is not being prosecuted in connection with the murder, despite the fact that he is being investigated for the event that occurred on the bus when he was ten years old.

There is a provision in the Texas Penal Code 8.07 that specifies that a kid does not have criminal responsibility until they reach the age of 10 years old. This provision is based on the child’s age. Although the juvenile suspect was just seven years old at the time of the murder, he was only one week away from being eight years old. As a result, charges of murder will not be brought, and the Gonzales County Attorney’s Office will not be able to accept them for consideration of prosecution in line with the legislation of the state, as indicated by the Sheriff.

The father of the deceased, Kenneth Rasberry, said to KSAT that he was “shocked, very shocked” to hear the identify of the person who had murdered his son. “This isn’t anywhere the suspect that we thought it was,” he said in addition.

“This is a little boy, for reasons that I’m sure these counselors and case managers and all of that, that’s going to pick that poor little boy’s brain apart,” he went to explain. Prayers are needed for [the kid] at this time. In order to console him, he need… I have forgiven him. And it is yet possible to rescue him. It’s still very young. It is clear that he is being tortured by something.

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