According to the authorities, the lady who shot and killed a guy who was 39 years old last month was acting in self-defense after the man broke into her house, chained her to a chair, and threatened to murder her. The woman was 85 years old.

Based on the facts that they gathered throughout the inquiry, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney of Bingham County in Idaho issued a press statement stating that the lady, who has been named as Christine Jenneiahn, had been “justified” in murdering the man, who has been identified as Derek Condon, according to the law of Idaho.

A statement from the office of the prosecuting attorney states that the event took place on March 13 at roughly two o’clock in the morning local time. Jenneiahn was discovered to have been sleeping in her house when she was “woken up” by Condon, who was clad in a “military jacket” and a “black ski mask” and who brandished a “gun” at her. The investigation revealed that Condon had been the one who “woken her up.” In addition, her son David Jenneiahn, who was handicapped, was there in the house at the time.

Because there was “blood” discovered on the pillow and floor where Christine lay, the authorities said that there was a “strong likelihood” that Condon “struck [Christine] in the head” when she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “The 39-year-old then “brought her to the living room of her residence” and “handcuffed her to a wooden chair,” according to the statements made by the witnesses.

After that, Condon allegedly asked Christine where her belongings were stored, “placed his pistol against her head,” and “made numerous threats” against her, as stated in the release. After some time, she communicated to him that there were “two safes downstairs.” Following that, he went downstairs and started to “rummage” through a number of different rooms.

During the time that he was downstairs, the investigators said that Christine “drug” the chair that she was chained to into her bedroom and “retrieved her 357 magnum revolver from under her pillow.” In the next step, she returned to the living room and concealed the firearm “between the armrest and cushion of a couch” in close proximity to where she was sat.

Upon Condon’s return, she “ultimately made the decision that it was ‘now or never'” and pulled her pistol, resulting in the shooting of Condon twice, as stated in the release. According to the office of the prosecutor, Condon “returned fire” with his 9mm handgun, thereby “striking her multiple times” in a number of different areas of her body.

Condon allegedly “went into the adjoining kitchen” and finally “died from his wounds,” while Christine collapsed on the ground while still being restrained by handcuffs, according to the authorities investigating the incident. Approximately ten hours later, when her son handed her a phone, she finally dialed 911 to report the incident. Officers reportedly administered “lifesaving measures to her” at roughly 12:17 p.m., according to the statement.

The office of the prosecuting attorney said that evidence discovered in Christine’s residence provided support for her account. This evidence included a smashed window located in the back of the house as well as a screwdriver discovered close to the entrance through which Condon entered the house. It was also discovered that Condon’s automobile was located close to the woman’s own vehicle, and there was a trail of footprints going from it.

According to Rylan Jolley, the prosecuting attorney for Bingham County, the case under consideration is an illustration of “self-defense and justifiable homicide” in accordance with the statutes of Idaho.

According to a statement that was included in the press release, Jolley remarked, “It also presents one of the most heroic acts of self-preservation I have ever heard of.” When faced with such conditions, any reasonable person would consider that it is essential to protect themselves or their impaired kid.

“That Christine survived the encounter is truly incredible,” he said in conclusion. It seems that her tenacity, resolve, and will to live were the things that rescued her that night.

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