After the allegations of text communications between the several suspects involved in the beating murder of Preston Lord, a 16-year-old, were made public in a police report this week, the family of Preston Lord has spoken out. The text messages were allegedly exchanged between the defendants.

The Queen Creek police department had earlier said that Lord passed away in the hospital two days after the assault that took place on October 28, 2023 in Queen Creek, which is a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Seven people have been detained after the authorities started investigating his loss as a murder. According to a police report that was quoted by various news sites, the suspects allegedly discussed the lethal assault after it had already taken place while they were being arrested.

Talan Renner, whom is 17 years old, Talyn Vigil, who is also 17 years old, Dominic Turner, who is 20 years old, Taylor Sherman, who is 19 years old, Treston Billey, who is 18 years old, and Jacob Meisner, who is 17 years old are the individuals who have been charged in connection with Lord’s loss, said KPNX,, and Fox 10 Phoenix, citing officials.

According to, the defendants have all entered not guilty pleas to each of the counts against them, which include first-degree murder and abduction. It should also be noted that Turner and Meisner are also being charged with aggravated robbery.

The parents of Lord, Nick Lord and Autumn Curiel, recently gave an exclusive statement to PEOPLE in which they discussed the passing of their son, who was not only an athlete but also a student who excelled in his academics.

In addition to being a cherished son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, and friend to a great number of people, Preston Lord was always eager to provide a helping hand to anybody who was in need. According to the statement made by the parents via their attorney, Bryn K. DeFusco of DeFusco Law, P.L.C., “He was doing the right thing, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a neighborhood where he had always felt safe.”

The following is an excerpt from the statement: “His parents, Nick Lord and Autumn Curiel, each shared a close bond and relationship with him.” The void that has been left behind as a result of his disappearance serves as a daily reminder of the kind and giving spirit that they have lost. In addition to being a member of the student council and a three-sport athlete, Preston was a student who received the National Honor Society. His basketball tryouts were scheduled for the following Monday, and he was looking forward to them. Instead, his life was cut short in a terrible manner, putting a stop to all of his promise.

According to the statement, “Nick and Autumn will never have the opportunity to see him develop into the remarkable human being that he was.” “At this point, they are forced to confront the painful truth of his passing. They will never be able to share in the celebration of the milestones that they had planned to celebrate with Preston. Every parent’s greatest dread is about to come true.

A police report that was published this week by the Queen Creek Police Department was 1,100 pages long and detailed the evidence that detectives acquired in the months preceding up to the charges. The statement that the parents made comes after the publication of the police report. In a text message that was sent on October 28th, Renner reportedly said, “Got in a fight…killed a kid..guess I don’t know my own strength.” This information was referenced by KPNX, which conducted the investigation.

The incident that ended in Preston’s murder apparently took place following the theft of a necklace from one of Lord’s friends, according to the report that was released by the police, which was reported by Fox 10. In addition, the news site said that on November 4, a person reported to the police that Renner had reportedly informed a buddy that he was the one who threw the first punch.

During a different text discussion that is said to have taken place between Sherman and an individual who has not been named, a message is said to have read, “Talan killed someone with his hands,” and a subsequent answer is said to have read, “Bro, that kid died.”

Uncertainty exists around whether or not the accused have obtained legal counsel to testify on their behalf.

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