Peta Murgatroyd and Jenna Johnson are having a wonderful time spending quality time with their own children, who are both quite young.

Together with their husbands, Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy, the professional dancers, who are sisters-in-law, had a wonderful time experiencing Park City as part of the Chmerkovskiy family vacation.

In one of the photos from the trip that Peta and Maks posted on Instagram, Peta and Jenna are seen hanging out together and having a good time as each of them is holding their respective newborn sons. While their mothers are laughing, Peta’s son Rio, who is six months old, and Jenna’s son Rome, who will be one on Wednesday, look at something that is not visible in the shot. Rome is celebrating his first birthday.

Aside from Rio, Peta and Maks also have a son named Shai, who is seven years old. on the autumn, the pair had a conversation with PEOPLE, during which they discussed their new shift on social media towards amusing material pertaining to their family.

The films, according to Chmerkovskiy, who is 43 years old, appeal to their sense of humor. “We are that couple and some of these things, well most of them, really reflect us,” he said with laughter.

Murgatroyd, who is 37 years old, continued by saying, “Shai adores it.” “When are we going to come up with another one? ” he asks. I would want to be on camera. How hilarious is he?

In addition, we do not coerce him into doing any of these things. When he is not feeling well or when he does not want to participate, he does not take part in the activity. A decision was taken that went something like this: “Hey, let’s just do these funny videos.” I believe that I am the brain behind those videos. They get us in a good mood. We have a lot of fun making these.

In an interview with People magazine from the previous year, Maks expressed how great it is to be able to give Shai a brother after he and Murgatroyd had to cope with reproductive difficulties.
The tale that kept being told was that mama had an egg, and then the egg cracked. He was aware of this. It is a really significant time for both him and for us, watching that baby emerge into the world, and eventually, at this stage, to inform him that this egg did not rupture is a very major moment.”

“There is a kicking sound now, and the stomach is moving. Additionally, it is a really wonderful experience to see [Shai] take in that moment.

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